Thursday, September 3, 2009

In our sleep and in our absences.

2:22am / Now showing in Portland:

In Our Sleep and In Our Absences
22 Ethereal Nudes by JARET FERRATUSCO

SHOWING Sept. 1st - 28th
RECEPTION First Thursday Sept. 3rd | 6pm-8pm
Live music by Cinema/Minimal

Portland Coffee House
603 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 243-6374
Mon/Thurs 6am-9pm
Fri/Sat 6am-10pm
Sun 7am-9pm

In an effort to appear calm and collected, it’s an ordinary thing to cover up fears and worries both rational and irrational. This is what we show to other people. But there is an undisclosed place inside the body that will be of some distant unclear dimension, possessing a cruel quality to expand. It is a shapeless thing perpetually overpopulating the inner contours of quietly shapeless thoughts. It’s where all of the lonely, abandoned things live, in private, and grow. What if our fears and our worries were to stop sleeping away in that unknown place in everybody you know, and it took on a much more physical form, bigger than that secret place inside the mind and body, and it turned us inside out? IN OUR SLEEP AND IN OUR ABSENCES concerns a small, hollow place in between, where it’s difficult to imagine what can happen and when.

Photographed entirely on b/w film.

- Corpse On Pumpkin Photography
- Patient, Folded Hands Publishing

Thank you! New book out in Fall 2009. New tour with UNWED SAILOR in December.