Saturday, June 7, 2008

Aged matchbook in my pocket.

-- Denton, TX / 11:32pm. --

It's strange that things can still be suprising. Every here and there it can happen and when it does it's with the urgent force of a car accident, and I find that sometimes there is some kind resilience in my mind that I never knew I had. It feels like the rarest thing in my life, too. As a habitual defeatist, it was odd and wonderful to find something to fight for or something to have faith in. And I didn't even have time to find that out, so probably I didn't have time to give up either. I'll give my best to the city of Austin for handing me a hailstorm and letting me find my own way out without easy answers handed to me or -- what I really mean to say is -- an easy route by which to give up too early. I would extend my love and respect to two people last night, by name, but they know who they are, and it's nice to find that it doesn't feel so empty in the world after all.

But I guess let's wait for tomorrow.

(really) yours,

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