Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A comment on travel.

The three photographs here were taken inside the Space Needle in Seattle, WA sometime in early October during a meeting of Seattle artists and musicians working together to keep the city proper clean and safe, or something like that. The conference didn't need any two cents from me because I was only an invited guest of my friend Luke Randall from the Rapin' Revolvers and I don't live in Seattle. So wandering around with a drink in my hand, I guess, was my official place in the afternoon. At the refreshments table while filling up a glass of wine, it was a keen surprise to bump into an old friend named Carla Boche, who I had first met in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Public Salon years ago while on tour with Unwed Sailor. Being that she was an out-of-towner guest like myself, both of us were compelled to commit ourselves to the diligent role of wallflowers, which ended up being a lot of fun.

During a break in the conference, I skipped out of the room with Luke and Carla and her friend Jonathan Poneman from Sub Pop Records, and Carla and I did this very short shoot, which lasted the length of the song 'Tears of Rage' by The Band, which Johnathan was playing on his iPod. A journalist acquaintance of mine named Kyle Larry was composing an article on the conference and liked the photographs; they were subsequently run in The Stranger in the article, so it was a lot of fun and I really love going to Seattle because something interesting happens every time.

I do wish that I could get up to the city more often. The people I meet there are interesting to photograph, and I miss Luke Randall a lot.


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