Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tonight we have ourselves a caterpillar.

This place is a mess. But, it's okay. Maybe in an hour or so it will no longer be a mess. Or maybe there will be even more of a mess later on. This is decent to some extent, but it's a drag too, but a waste of time to worry over. But I'll clean the place up a little before I leave tonight for tour with Unwed Sailor:

May 27 - Portland, OR @ Someday Lounge
May 28 - Reno, NV @ Satellite Lounge
May 29 - Berkely, CA @ Rasputin Music
May 29 - San Fransisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
May 30 - Los Angeles, CA @ Cafe Mariposa
May 31 - Long Beach, CA @ The Prospector
June 2 - Phoenix, AZ @ Modified Arts
June 4 - Mcallen, TX @ The Incubator
June 5 - Houston, TX @ Walters On Washington
June 6 - Austin, TX @ Emo’s Lounge
June 7 - Denton, TX @ Hailey’s
June 8 - Norman, OK @ The Opolis
June 9 - Tulsa, OK @ The Continental
June 10 - Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone
June 11 - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
June 12 - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
June 13 - Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
June 14 - West Palm Beach, FL @ Respectable Street
June 15 - Orlando, FL @ The Social

On this tour I'll also be handling the merchandise booth, where there will be copies of my new book 'Please Don't Leave Me' for sale. It costs $14. Some books cost less than this, while others, you'll find, are more expensive. So it's about right in the middle. Like a kite.

If you live in any of these cities and you find yourself bummed out because you haven't made plans yet and you can't decide what to do, you can come to any of these shows because they are not private parties, but rather they are public social events centering around the musical performance of a band. Here are some valuable links I found at the side of the road:

Corpse On Pumpkin Photography

Thank you. I'll see you around, then?


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